Commodity Trading

We offer commodity trading products that serve the Global physical market. Our activities entail the structuring and execution of various commodity trade related transactions. Physical trading and logistics are at the core of our business. In simple economic terms, this means that we seek to find, obtain, and refine resources from places in which supply is plentiful, and transfer them to where demand is high.

But we do much more than that. We encourage trade. We establish partnerships. We stimulate markets. As an independent, privately owned company, we off-take our products from small and major producers as well as state-owned companies, arrange the physical trading, storing as well as financing and supply them to our clients all over the world.

By virtue of our extensive industry relationships, we are able to offer our products and services from many corners of the globe. We can make available spot, short and long-term contracts to meet the specific demands of our renowned clients on the international markets.

DPH undertakes an ongoing rigorous appraisal of all aspects of its business practices and procedures to ensure that it maintains its exacting standards and delivers the highest levels of quality to all its trading partners.

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