Deutsche Sapphire Portfolio

Deutsche Sapphire Portfolio is one of DPH most active investment area that focuses on investing in Core+ and Core Infrastructure assets class principally in Nigeria. The Portfolio is an active investor across sectors including energy (Power, Oil & Gas), transportation (Road, Rail & Aviation), digital infrastructure (ICT), Water and Environment.
Under this portfolio, we seek to apply a long-term buy-and-hold strategy to large-scale infrastructure assets with a focus on delivering stable, long-term capital appreciation together with a predictable annual cash flow yield. Deutsche Sapphire Portfolio offers viable alternative for investors who seek long-term investment, that have huge appetite to take risk with commensurate increased returns on investment.
This product runs an open-ended portfolio that focuses mainly on investing in commercially viable projects that have significant growth impact. The investment tenor is for a minimum of Two (2) years with interesting return rates that appreciate as tenor increases.

Benefits of Deutsche Sapphire Portfolio

* Stable and Consistent returns because the demand for Infrastructural Services tends to remain constant even during an economic crisis.
* Due to the tangibility of Deutsche Sapphire Portfolio services, the product can generate long-term cash flow and can resist inflation and rising prices due to the nature and design of our portfolio contracts.
* Investing in this portfolio decreases volatility due to the diversification of investment in infrastructure and infrastructure assets have the potentials of offering our investors insulation against the fluctuation and volatility of stock prices which makes it easier to manage risk in a portfolio


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