Deutsche Agro-ETF:

Deutsche Agro ETFs are funds that invest in target agricultural commodities like grains, dairy and livestock. These funds can invest in diverse commodity types and they can also focus on one specific commodity. The objective of these funds is to enable investors gain diversified exposure to the agricultural sector by daily tracking best-performing agricultural commodities. The asset class traded under these funds is agro-commodities, which offer investors limitless investment opportunities.

Target Investors/Investor Suitability:

The Deutsche Agro ETFs is a suitable investment for a broad range of investors that includes individuals as well as institutional investors such as employee schemes, fund managers, trust companies, insurance companies, banks, government parastatals, investment clubs and other associations, Nigerian citizens based abroad as well as other foreign individual and foreign institutional investors are eligible to invest in the Fund.

Key Benefits:

• Competitive returns
• Asset Allocation
• Cash Equitisation
• Risk Mitigation
• Arbitrage (cash vs futures) and covered option strategies

Deutsche Gold-ETF:

Deutsche Gold ETF Fund is an open-ended mutual fund scheme that is authorized and registered in Nigeria with the Nigerian Exchange Group (NGX Group) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Deutsche Gold ETF Fund gives our investors exposure to the gold market.
Deutsche Gold ETF Fund is an excellent choice of investment for investors looking to beat inflation in the long run. The returns will be shared pro-rata based on each investor’s contribution. The fund manager invests in Naira denominated stocks which goes towards standard gold bullion of 99.5% purity.

Target Investors/Investor Suitability:

The fund is suitable for investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio with exposure to the Gold market. The Fund is ideal for conservative investors with low risk appetite seeking top reserve their investment over the medium to long term horizon(> 2 years).

Key Benefits

* Same value as physical Gold
* Saves cost in storage and additional taxes as compared to physical Gold.
* High flexible entry and exit.
* High liquidity and attractive yields compared to other instruments.
* Availability of small denominations.
* High-level security.
* Professional Management.
* Funds are held in a custodian account.

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