Deutsche Money Market Fund

Deutsche Money Market Fund aims to generate income as well as preserve investors’ capital by diversifying investment across a range of high-quality, short-term debt securities or money market instruments as approved by the SEC; and short-term debt securities of varying maturities of not more than 365 days, issued or guaranteed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It will operate as an Openended Fund which allows investors to buy and sell units of the Fund on a continuous basis from the Fund Manager. The Fund seeks to provide current income while maintaining liquidity and a stable price of N5,000 for all classes of investors that value liquidity and security of assets.
The Fund is aimed at investors who are interested in a steady stream of income at money market rates while preserving the value of their investment. The Fund is marketable to all retail investors, and as appropriate to other institutional investors.

Key Benefits

* Low Initial Start-up Capital.
* Low risk because fund is spread over different investments.
* High Level security.
* Competitive Returns.
* Higher rates than standard bank savings accounts.
* Flexible Additions to initial capital at anytime.
* Funds are held in a custodian account.

Deutsche Equity Fund

Deutsche Equity Fund is an open-ended unit trust scheme that invests predominantly in equities in Nigeria as well as in investment-grade fixed-income securities. Deutsche Equity Fund is an ideal choice to invest your money for long-term growth if you are looking for where to invest. The Fund invests
your money predominantly in a portfolio of Nigerian companies using a rigorous, research-based, and tested evaluation model. At least 70% of the Fund’s assets will be invested in a diversified portfolio of high-quality companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. In order to manage liquidity, the Fund may also invest up to 30% in short-term money market instruments and deposits with financial
This fund is a suitable investment for a broad range of investors that includes
individuals, as well as institutional investors such as employee schemes, fund managers, trust companies, insurance companies, banks, government parastatals, investment clubs, and other associations, Nigerian citizens based abroad as well as other foreign individuals and foreign institutional investors, are eligible to invest in the Fund.

Key Benefits

* Competitive returns
* Tax advantage
* Diversificationof portfolio
* RiskMitigation
* Professional Fund and portfolio Management
* Programmed Investment

Deutsche Fixed Income Fund

Deutsche Income Fund is an open-ended fund that is authorized and registered in Nigeria as a unit trust scheme under section 160 of the investments and securities Act 2007. The fund has been designed to suit
the needs of discerning investors seeking to achieve stable capital appreciation and returns in Nigeria-based investments. Deutsche Income Fund seeks returns above the rate of inflation through investment in Fixed Income grade securities. The returns will be shared pro-rata based on each investor’s contribution. The fund manager invests in Naira denominated securities issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Corporates, States, and the Federal government of Nigeria.
The fund is suitable for individuals as well as institutional investors, employee schemes, trust companies, insurance companies, government parastatals, investment
clubs, and other associations. The Fund is ideal for conservative investors seeking to preserve their capital over the medium to the long-term horizon (> 2 years).

Key Benefits

* Guaranteed principal and interest.
* Attractive yields compared to other instruments.
* Low-risk investment target, excludes equities.
* Returns are tax exempt.
* High-level security.
* Professional Management.
* Funds are held in a custodian account.

Deutsche Ethical Fund

Deutsche Ethical Fund is a fund that invests in strict compliance with the investor’s ethical values e.g. moral, religious, social, etc. This fund is invested in equities and fixed income securities that comply with individual investors’ ethical values. Being a discretionary open-ended collective investment scheme, the fund manager leaves the offer and redemption of units open throughout the lifespan of the fund. The objectives guarding this fund are strict adherence to investors’ ethical values; ensure generation of competitive returns on investment and preserve investors’ capital.
Deutsche Ethical Fund is suitable for individuals whose ethical values cannot be compromised as well as groups, organizations, and institutions founded on some ethical values that cannot be compromised. Deutsche Ethical Fund is suitable for investors with uncompromising ethical and/or religious beliefs, investors with a low tolerance threshold to capital market volatility, investors with a low-risk appetite, and investors desirous of collective investment returns.

Key Benefits

* Professional Fund and portfolio Management.
* Tax advantage.
* Competitive returns.
* Diversification of portfolio.
* Risk Mitigation.
* Programmed Investment.
* Transparency and strict compliance with ethical investment rules.

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