Deutsche Green Portfolio

Deutsche Green Portfolio is an agriculture-based product that provides investment solutions to investors interested in agriculture and agri-business. The agriculture industry as a whole is a viable source of investment that is relatively less volatile with high yield potential and, with a substantial contribution to
GDP; the sector is an avenue for income generation. Accordingly, food production will have to increase to meet estimated population growth demand.
Deutsche Green Portfolio aims at ensuring the industry scale-up by utilizing growth opportunities, to increase productivity of the sector, hence building wealth for our investors. The portfolio provides opportunity for higher returns through a mix of investment options like, trading of agricultural commodities, securities in the stock market and direct investment in farms and agri-business. It is an open-ended portfolio and a minimum maturity period of One (1) year with interesting return rates that appreciate as tenure increases.

Investment in Deutsche Green Portfolio offers the following benefits:

* Diversification: The diversified portfolio ensures mitigated risks for individuals, companies and institutions while maintaining steady returns.
* Capital appreciation: Long-term investment ensures higher returns thus increasing capital.
* Liquidity: The nature of the portfolio guarantees sufficient liquidity of assets.
* Economies of Scale: Diversification of the portfolio improves economies of scale.
* Professional management: These portfolios are managed by a team of reliable and experienced analysts.


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