Deutsche Capital Market Portfolio

Deutsche Capital Market Portfolio is a structured investment product of DPH that focuses on investing capital on behalf of Companies, Institutions and Individuals in Capital and Financial Market Instruments. This Portfolio make investment business in Equity, fixed income, Debt Instruments, Preference Shares, Treasury bills, bonds, various securities, fixed deposits and other medium to long-term investments. The tenor of maturity is for a minimum of One (1) year with negotiable return rates that appreciates as tenor increases. It is an Open-ended portfolio targeted at investors with low risk appetite.
Our Investment approach in Capital Market Portfolio is based on a disciplined due diligence, in-dept market analysis and research that measures risk while identifying catalysts for increased value and high returns on investment. We engage only in friendly transactions and work with talented management teams to achieve positive results.

Benefits of Deutsche Capital Market Portfolio:

* Professionally managed investment.
* Investors get to decide if invested capital should either be ‘Irredeemable& Convertible’ or ‘Irredeemable & Non-convertible’ or ‘Redeemable’.
* Attractive interest rate.
* Instant payment of interest.
* Investment certificate can be used as a supporting document for access to loans.


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