Deutsche Michelin Portfolio​

The Deutsche Michelin Portfolio is geared towards attracting investment with potential for high yield into the Entertainment and Hospitality industry in Nigeria. The Entertainment sector of our Michelin Portfolio focuses on investing in the production, marketing, distribution, broadcast, licensing or other exploitation of media and entertainment assets (theatrical productions), such as music, films/TV shows and book publishing, video games, other technologically driven multimedia content etc, while the Hospitality sector focuses on investing in restaurants, theatres, stadiums, amusement parks, golf courses, guided tours, boat and sporting equipment rentals, hotels, and other services to create an enabling environment for practitioners in the industry.
We seek to deliver value for investors within the entertainment and hospitality industry by focusing on areas where we can apply our deep commercial and hospitality domain expertise. Our strategies and activities range from investing in entertainment and hospitality products that offers attractive riskadjusted returns to providing capital to companies in the industry. This allows us to maximize potential in various market conditions within the sector, and in times of both stability and volatility. The Deutsche Michelin Portfolio runs an open-ended portfolio with tenor of a minimum of 1 year with negotiable return rates that appreciate as tenor increases.

Benefits of Our Michelin Portfolio:

* Potential for High Returns: Our investors can expect attractive returns which are certainly impressive. The potential for high returns is partially due to the flexible nature of the industry which enables the owners to rapidly adjust in response to enhanced demand.
* Client Diversity: The entertainment and hospitality industry does not typically rely on a single client- buyer, corporation, family or individual, etcetera and are therefore less prone to sudden changes in the behavior of either of this clientele base
* Broad Market: The entertainment and the hospitality industry derive demand from household (tourism), business (commerce), corporate and private individuals there by countering demand seasonality.
* Room for Shared Risks: This portfolio allows our investors who are interested in the segment to participate without placing significant funds in a “trial and error” or one “make or break” project, it is spread across various investment facets within the industry thus, reducing downside risk.
* Diversified Investment levels: As a result of the increase in the budget of many hotels, music, movies and other theatrical productions through which our investors can participate in the industry at various levels, example through this portfolio.


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