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This cookie policy explains what cookies are and how we use them. You are advised to read through this policy to understand what type of cookies We use, the information We collect and how we use this information.

General Information
Cookies are not viruses.
They do not contain information that will personally identify you as a user, but they store vital information about your preferences. This is to help improve your experience on our site.
For further information on how We use, store and keep your personal data private, see our Privacy Policy.
We do not store sensitive personal information such as mailing addresses, passwords etc. in the Cookies We use.

Interpretation and Definitions
The words with their initial letters capitalized are defined under the following conditions. These definitions shall have the same meaning throughout under this policy.
Company: (also referred to as “The Company”, DPH, We, Us, or Our in this Cookie Policy) refers to Deutsche Partners Holding, 3 Peter Obang Close, Off OP Fingesi Road, Utako District, Abuja.
Cookies: refer to text files on our website that allow us store information from your browsing experience. These text files allow us or the website to collect user data and enable user-specific features such as personalization and tracking.
Website: also referred to as the “Site” means Deutsche Partners Holding, accessible through
You: refers to the individual accessing the Website, a company or any legal entity on whose behalf such individual is accessing the Site, as applicable.

Types of Cookies We Use
For optimum browsing experience, we use “Persistent” and “Session” Cookies. Session Cookies are turned off immediately your browsing session ends, or when you close your browser. Persistent Cookies on the other hand, remain on your device when you go offline.
These Cookie types are used under for the purposes set below:

Necessary/Essential Cookies
Type: Session cookies
Administered by: Us
Purpose: session cookies are essential to provide You with services available through the site, and to enable You use some of the features available on the site. These help to authenticate users and prevent misuse of user accounts. The absence of these cookies would make it difficult for us to provide the services that You need.

Functionality Cookies
Type: Persistent Cookies
Administered by: Us
Purpose: Persistent Cookies allow Us to remember your choices as you navigate through the Website. These details may include your login details or language preferences. These Cookies serve to provide You with a more personal browsing experience and to avoid having to make your choices every time you access the Site.

Your Cookie Choices
You can avoid the use of Cookies on Our Website if you prefer. First, you must decline the use of Cookies on Your browser and then delete the Cookies saved in your browser associated with the Website. You may use this option at any time to prevent the use of Cookies.
If you do not accept Our Cookies, you may experience some inconveniences in your use of the Website and some functionalities may not work properly.
If you want to delete Cookies or instruct your browser to refuse Cookies, please visit the help pages of your web browser.
• For Chrome Browser, visit this Help page from Google: Https://
• For Internet Explorer Web Browser, please visit this page:
• For Firefox browser, please visit this page:
• For Safari Web browser, please visit this help page from Apple:
For any other browser, please visit your browser’s official web pages.

Contact Us
You can learn more about Cookies on our Site. For further information/questions on Our Cookies Policy, you can contact us via email:

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