Deutsche Precious Portfolio

With the Deutsche Precious Portfolio, we provide full-service commodity risk management and financing services while majoring in investments in precious materials like Gold, Diamond, Emerald, and many natural gems. The commodities industry plays a critical role in the global economy. Precious metals offer unique inflationary protection: they have intrinsic value, they carry no credit risk, and they cannot be inflated. They also offer genuine “upheaval insurance” against financial or political/military upheavals, hence a perfect investment choice.
Our teams offer superior expertise across derivative and physical products, world-class trading, and leading commodities research through the firm’s Investment Research division. Our diverse primary commodities market favors diversified trading of variants of precious stones. Our investment advisors advise clients on the integration and composition of commodity exposures in their portfolios which enables them to make the right trading decision while delivering the precise risk-return profile that our investor clients require to capture opportunities in today’s commodity markets. This is an open-ended portfolio with tenor for a minimum of One (1) year with negotiable return rates that appreciate as tenure increases.

Benefits of investing in the Deutsche Precious Portfolio include;

* Professionally managed portfolio: Portfolios under our management are at exposure to professional management in the hands of our asset managers who possess decades of experience in investment management, Market analysis and risk management.
* Knowledge based advisory services: Our clients have access to around the clock financial advises.
* Asset diversification: Our portfolio has access to a variant of different precious stones in the commodity market there by ensuring overall diversified portfolio.
* Tax Free returns: Yields on investments are tax free – Our commodity market is for high appetite investors seeking to branch out of the conventional fixed returns other markets offer with short-and long-term assets. Supply and demand of precious stones overall adds to the potential value of each asset in our portfolio.


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