Parallex bank


Parallex bank unveiled its new brand entity, over the weekend on Friday, January 14th, 2022 at its corporate head office in Victoria Island, Lagos state.

According to the bank, its transformation into a commercial bank is a first-of-its-kind achievement in the Nigerian banking space.

Parallex Bank Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company on the 22nd day of May 2020, having successfully converted from Parallex Microfinance Bank (a National Microfinance Bank incorporated in 2008 as a Unit MFB) to a commercial bank duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to carry out commercial banking services. This is a first-of-its-kind achievement in the Nigerian banking space.

Speaking during the event, Adeola Phillips, chairman of Parallex Bank, said the bank is delving into the commercial banking space to drive consumer-centric innovation that will propel the Nigerian banking industry to greater heights.

While emphasizing that the bank’s goal is to drive convenient and efficient commerce through digital platforms, she explained that Parallex’s digital products were designed to provide enhanced flexibility to reduce the strain carried out by consumers while carrying out transactions.


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